Couldn’t Children Start and Run Their Own Childrens Book Clubs?

Children’s book clubs are a great way to get your child interested in exploring the wonderful world of reading and books. There are new book clubs for young teenagers that come up each day – in libraries, recreation centers, residential streets. As incredible a way as that is to get your child in the great state of mind, could there be a better way to help strengthen the bond your child has with her books? Your child could be open to it, and it could really help her hone and her friend-making skills outside of school. What if children could start childrens book clubs of their own? If you could put the idea that in your child’s mind and if she were to bite, how would you help her go about it all?

To begin with, childrens book clubs aren’t supposed to be any larger than 10 members at a time – it should get difficult for your child to manage if it got any larger. You’ll need to get together with your child and try to find out how often it would be convenient for the children to convene the club – the 15th of each month, or anything that is convenient. Young teenagers may not be really comfortable reading quality books at a clip faster than a book a month. Things could heat up a little in the summers with children having more time. But this should depend on how often you can have a place for it. Parents usually are very happy to have children take initiative like this, and you could probably have a rotating schedule, arranging for the club to meet in the basement of each member child each month. A local church, the rec room in your child’s school, the local library, are all places you could help your child pick. Sometimes, you could help them arrange such a meeting out in the open – in a park or the fields.

While you do want to be the background of your child’s book club activities trying to offer help as often as possible, you don’t want to really do it all yourself; the point of the exercise is to help your child put together something of value herself. You will need to draw up a schedule that your child can really work with. Childrens book clubs, when then they meet, usually includes a reading session, a part where all the children discuss what they liked about the book, a little fun with a few snacks, and finally, a little attending to the business of running the book club. sually, a two-hour meeting suffices – unless the children would prefer something shorter.

It could be an idea to help the children cater each book club gathering with food of the type that appears in the book they happen to be discussing. A British book such as one among the Harry Potter series for instance, can include toasted marshmallows like they have in the book. Try to get the parents of the children who participate to volunteer as guest speaker, one each meeting. Sometimes, bringing in an actual guest speaker, an expert in the field that would be relevant to the book, couldn’t be a bad idea. A movie that’s based on the book should really bring everything to life too; and the best part – running children’s book clubs on their own, the kids should probably be able to ask for and get extra credit at school.

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